MINI Range Line Up


MINI Service Inclusive allows you to take care of your scheduled servicing costs in one upfront, inflation proof payment. With a large range of packages available you can choose one that best suits your needs and enjoy the reassurance knowing that your MINI is always getting the service it deserves.

For a one-off payment, you get a whole range of services that are valid nationwide − with all necessary Genuine MINI Parts and MINI trained technicians as part of the deal, too.

CONTENTS MINI Service Inclusive Basic MINI Service Inclusive Plus
Engine oil plus filter check mark check mark
Air, fuel & micro filters check mark check mark
Spark plugs check mark check mark
Brake fluid check mark check mark
Vehicle check check mark check mark
Brake pads front & rear   check mark
Brake discs front & rear check mark
Clutch (worn) check mark
Wiper Blade Rubbers^ check mark


This investment in your peace of mind will most definitely pay off. Particularly as the MINI Service Inclusive can be transferred to any new owner which may help boost the resale value of your MINI.

MINI Service Inclusive Basic and MINI Service Inclusive Plus packages are available at the point of new vehicle sale, or up to 12 months from the date of first vehicle registration and prior to the vehicle's first service.

Please click here to download the MINI Service Inclusive Terms & Conditions PDF


    Additional information on MINI Service.
    Please observe the following.

    Entitlement to these services assumes that you have driven your car properly and had it serviced as recommended by the manufacturer. The following items are not covered: Fuel, contamination in the fuel system; top-up quantities (e.g. engine oil); damage to paint finish, body, covers, panels; glass damage (e.g. windows, headlights); wind, squeaking and rattling noises, as well as smells; tyres, wheel imbalances and wheel damage; repairs to accessories, which were not included when the new vehicle was ordered; repairs for which the vehicle user is responsible (e.g. engine damage due to insufficient oil or participation in race events). Services provided by BMW Road Assistance, statutory warranty claims as well as exclusions of warranty claims as stated in the conditions of sale for new vehicles remain unaffected.


^ One set per year, if required.