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Future Contact.

By submitting this form I agree for BMW Group Australia to contact me via mail, email, social media messenger, social newsfeeds and/or telephone about any product or marketing related communication. I understand that I will have the opportunity to opt out of future communications at that time or by calling the MINI Customer Interaction Centre on 1800 682 385.


Privacy Policy.

Your personal information, which you can access, is handled in accordance with our privacy policy available at MINI Australia or by calling 1800 682 385. We only use it for our business purposes, including customer care, marketing and research. We may pass it to companies in the BMW Group, BMW dealers or other third parties associated with us, which may be outside Australia. If you do not wish to receive future marketing related communications from us you may tell us at that time, or you can call us on 1800 682 385.

For more information please click here to view the BMW Group Privacy and Credit Information Policy.